COLD MAKER is a modular PVC Pad Frame System designed for poultry cooling and greenhouse cooling systems.  It is an innovating pad frame sytem with minimum installation needs, simple to maintain and easy to replace cooling pads.

It is a new look to poultry ventilation and greenhouse ventilation systems.  There is no metal frames that are rusted on outside environment.  The bottom gutter consists enough water that eliminates an external water tank.

Poultry climate is never been so easy. System can be installed to any pad dimensions, any length and all installation accessorries are being found inside the Cold Maker Boxes.

Easy installation
Includes an internal water tank, no need for external water tank
The floating system allows automatic water refilling when the water level falls
Adjustable length and height due to its modular structure
The pads can be easily installed and uninstalled due to the special lock system
In systems up to 18m, the pump is installed in the head section. In the middle for longer systems.
System includes a drain valve for cleaning at the end of cycle.
The pumping system has a capacity of 0.37 kW 12 m3/hr in systems up to 36m.
PVC raw material is anti-UV loaded
Completely rustproof system
More durable than alternative metal frame cooling systems as it is completely made of plastic



Closing Edge

The interlock system enables sturdy installation.



Prevents external pollutants from entering the system.

Pipe size is 2” and it’s punched on the upper part, enabling orientation of water sprinkles.



The drip irrigation system allows the water to percolate down on the pads in equal amounts.


Top Bracket

Allows the system to be opened from the top and to be easily serviced. thus the pad sheets can easily be removed for cleaning and/or replacement.

This extends the life of the cooling pads.


Rustproof Support Legs

Support legs that enable the system to be installed on walls and panels.


Internal Water Tank

The bottom gutter can store 30lt of water every running meter.


Floating System

The bottom tank where water level is kept by a floater preventing the waste of water.


Water Pump with Self Filter

The self filtered water pump enables the continuous circulation of water within the system.


Floating System in the Middle

Special Floating System can be installed in the middle of the system if it is required.



Maximum Height: 200 cm
Pad sheet thickness: 10 and 15 cm
Internal Water Tank Capacity: 30 lt / 1 m
Water Circulation System Pipe Size: Ø 50mm
Water Pump Force: 0,37 kW up to 36m
Pump Capacity 12 m3/h at 8m



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